Watch the video, then read this text in English

After you have been warned on a map, one of our events
will give you poison bottles. Those who have received their
 own may hide inside the map, but not in a house.
Only outside, you have a great hiding place, so eat the poison
bottle there with you dying. Stay there until an event has found
you and rests and warps you away. The last person left to search
for an event wins. This can also be several players who win
if we give up because you are too good. In this game party is obligatory
You have until the timer in the stream has expired to hide.
Then the party leader will relogo himself and show the mini map on the
stream. The White 3eck shows the searching Eventi in real time.
Who cheats and moves, becomes visible on the map,
and so with visible for the searching Eventi, and so with you have
 already lost. So my friend, play fair :)